Far North Vista Point

Guild Wars 2 Vista Point in Malchor's Leap, Far North Visit my site @ http://www.theasiangamer.com/ Dyril from TheAsianGamer here once again, providing another how-to video. This time, the jump puzzle/Vista Point is in northern Malchor's Leap, a Level 75-80 zone. Some of you might be frustrated knowing that there's a missing Vista Point on your map and you can't find it, well... it might be this one! It's a very easy jump puzzle, and doesn't require any fighting at all. You just need to swim to this island that's north of the Union Waypoint, closest to the sea. Go around the northeastern perimeter of the island, hop on some rocks, and you're well on your way to becoming an Explorer Extraordinaire! I plan to be, though I'm only at about 65% total map completion. So many more Points to explore... Game On! Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 are all trademarks or registered trademarks of ArenaNet. TheAsianGamer is in no way affiliated with ArenaNet, but provides this video gameplay walkthrough/tutorial for pure educational and entertainment purposes. Copyright © 2012 TheAsianGamer. All rights reserved.