Latest GW2 Tweets

Mon Dec 06 07:29:47 +0000 2021
DidMawsFail: FAIL? // Yes! On our inaugural run, Maws of Torment bugged in West and East lanes! 🥰 #GuildWars2
Mon Dec 06 04:03:30 +0000 2021
RataSum: GW2 | NA • Map completion & helping new players <3 #GW2 #GuildWars2
Mon Dec 06 04:04:06 +0000 2021
ArahorPlays: Our 100% playthrough of @GuildWars2 has begun! In preperations for #EndOfDragons our #Charr #Mesmer will be going…
Mon Dec 06 04:50:33 +0000 2021
scsuab: I also occupied the star odaily! #GuildWars2 #ForPioneers #DarkForestCommunityRound @OdailyChina @marrowdao…
Mon Dec 06 02:19:25 +0000 2021
Astralegend#Guildwars2 lore Day 27 Last to awaken - Mordremoth Dragon of Plant and Mind Mord woke ~30y before intended. Someon…
Mon Dec 06 02:43:54 +0000 2021
StormWarband: Aka, Elliot doesn't want Tybalt to die or go anywhere near Claw Island #GW2 #GuildWars2
Mon Dec 06 02:54:45 +0000 2021
ProfitzTV: My wife rolled a necro and I rolled a rogue. Wow do rogues level fast! #GuildWars2
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