Latest GW2 Tweets

Fri May 25 10:47:37 +0000 2018
milamber23: Another commission finished 😀 #artcommission #guildwars2 #art #arenanet #ugee2150 #digitalpainting #fantasy_art
Fri May 25 11:06:24 +0000 2018
AngelaODeorain: Have I shown anyone here how much I love little druid Salad; Hoyabella ? Because I do, she so gay. #GW2 #sylvari
Fri May 25 11:12:03 +0000 2018
flipsix3_WoT: Sorry to hear of the passing of @Totalbiscuit - in my #GuildWars2 days I was a big fan of the stuff he was putting…
Fri May 25 11:24:36 +0000 2018
Koolaid_H: 📢 Koolaid is 🔴 LIVE @TwitchTVGaming @TwitchTVOnline @TwitchOnline @StreamerNetwork
Fri May 25 11:37:38 +0000 2018
Squishydew: With the attention #guildwars is getting at the moment, it really makes me hope @ArenaNet will give us a proper seq…
Fri May 25 07:18:09 +0000 2018
Avaltor05: More adventures in @GuildWars2 with @eddy__stylez ! I look silly in this out fit. #GuildWars2
Fri May 25 04:02:46 +0000 2018
Poid_Paradox: ParadoxVII Daily #GuildWars2 #GW2 is out!
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