Latest GW2 Tweets

Wed Oct 20 11:12:47 +0000 2021
TooruVtuber: Guerilla #guildwars2 stream in ~15m! Nothing special or anything I'm just bored and wanna do a bit of story for 1-2…
Wed Oct 20 11:43:53 +0000 2021
Curzon79: Two weeks have gone by for #halloween2021 in @GuildWars2 so far we have had Quaggan Sheammi & Aviator Sheammi... w…
Wed Oct 20 11:57:30 +0000 2021
AngelikaStar: Helping my mom in #GuildWars2 with re-doing season stories... constantly asking where the achievements she…
Wed Oct 20 06:27:18 +0000 2021
NecRiomancy: If you've never experienced the metal concern in Grothmar, it's definitely an experience I'd recommend doing at lea…
Wed Oct 20 07:16:20 +0000 2021
thepotatobabes: I feel like a mild success being able to complete Mad King's Clock Tower in GW2🎃 @GuildWars2 #gw2 #GuildWars2
Wed Oct 20 08:04:36 +0000 2021
raavalicious: Using this tweet to tell you I am live and I might become a #GuildWars2 thief main to cosplay as specter. (;
Wed Oct 20 08:58:47 +0000 2021
RebeccaDawntree: Hmm looks like it's just as well I'm almost finished Nevermore. Think I just broke Sunrise. 😎😇 #gw2 #guildwars2
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