Latest GW2 Tweets

Sun Jun 07 03:13:18 +0000 2020
Treeexx: Playing #Guildwars2 with @Dhraay :)
Sun Jun 07 04:08:01 +0000 2020
RaySavre: Finally got a chance to sit down 😅 I don’t think I’m capable of a #livestream round 2. I’ll still see everyone on…
Sun Jun 07 05:06:37 +0000 2020
dezsaras: New player - Blind playthrough #GW2 #GuildWars2 LIVE right now, come join the fun!
Sun Jun 07 00:54:39 +0000 2020
JellicleKitten: And I am live, with #guildwars2 and chatter about anything and everything. Click on my face~
Sat Jun 06 21:43:32 +0000 2020
Felblades: One of the things I enjoy about GW2 #GW2 #GuildWars2 are the many options for dress and characters. And TRUE charac…
Sat Jun 06 22:34:30 +0000 2020
Thirdsphere: Another chill couple of hours of #GuildWars2 No Quarter.
Sat Jun 06 22:59:18 +0000 2020
DryTopSAND: Hey everyone! Verdant Brink with Auric Oasis is a go! Check LFG under Verdant Brink; it'll say "[AO] T4 run"! SAND…
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