Latest GW2 Tweets

Wed Nov 14 03:04:43 +0000 2018
DigitalHarte: Another #GuildWars2 Commission done, really proud of how this one turned out~
Wed Nov 14 03:20:28 +0000 2018
NoctWolfTV: Sorry for the late start! Live now!! It’s patch day and there’s lots to go over! Let’s talk about rune and sigil ch…
Wed Nov 14 01:38:56 +0000 2018
dasceej: Angry Zhaitan is angry. Shot from my session tonight. #GuildWars2 #Zhaitan #PersonalStory
Wed Nov 14 01:54:57 +0000 2018
MooshMann: Going live with some Necromancer Guild Wars 2 play. @almostheroes1 @GuildWars2 #arenanet #guildwars2 #gw2
Wed Nov 14 02:00:24 +0000 2018
myuneptune: Lmao spontaneous #guildwars2 stream was lit! 🤣😍 #WvW treated me very well. Enjoyed it even so I wasn't running with…
Wed Nov 14 02:41:51 +0000 2018
zopney: NA PvE tonight. Streaming #GuildWars2 in support of California Fire Foundation.
Wed Nov 14 02:44:36 +0000 2018
BL_Daily_Herald: Today's patch notes. #GW2 #GW2PoF #GuildWars2
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