Latest GW2 Tweets

Sun Mar 25 00:09:31 +0000 2018
Emshies: I transmuted the thing. #GuildWars2
Sun Mar 25 00:11:32 +0000 2018
Essradi: Stream is live now! Chilling with some Guild Wars 2, probably going to work on specializations + collections. Come…
Sun Mar 25 00:13:59 +0000 2018
Emshies: uhhhh... okay, no more randomly pressing screenshot button. #GuildWars2
Sun Mar 25 00:30:50 +0000 2018
nogoodreji: had the pleasure of playing #FractalsoftheMists with an #ArenaNet developer 😁 he was just silent the whole time tho…
Sun Mar 25 01:05:17 +0000 2018
Pixel_One_#AzumiandZip make it to Kessex Hills. Still leveling with events, hearts, and exploration. So far I've managed to m…
Sun Mar 25 01:23:43 +0000 2018
Coosayy: why did my Revenant just have a random dialogue with Mallyx??? #GuildWars2
Sat Mar 24 21:07:23 +0000 2018
ParagonCasting: Guild Wars 1, the original, gets a graphics update #GuildWars #GW #GuildWars2 #gw2
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