Verarium Delves Vista Point

Guild Wars 2 Vista Point - Verarium Delves (Sparkfly Fen) There is actually a Skill Point Challenge on the way toward this Vista Point, however you do not need to do any real fighting in order to get to it. If you DO want to get the Skill Point too, I suggest you bring a friend or two - the Hylek quartet that guards the challenge can be quite painful for a solo player. I used the Ocean's Gullet Waypoint as a starting point reference. Head a little north, and west onto a path that leads into a cave. Follow the cave down, past the Skill Point Challenge, and head to the left. You'll continue onto some more tunnels of the cave, filled with bats and spiders. Past that is an opening out of the cave. Once you're outside, jump on several rocks leading upward on the right side of the open area, and journey into some more tunnels. There's a garden patch here with a bunch of herbs you can gather if you choose to do so. There's usually a Veteran Hylek guarding them, so be wary when picking up your herbs. Once you're outside of the next tunnel, jump from rock to rock until you've reached the Vista Point.