"A drinking club with an MMO problem." The Booze Fighters like beeer, dragons, and good looking women. We are here to have some fun, help each other, and on occasion, talk some junk. No drama or whining is allowed. Acting like a spoiled child is grounds for removal. The Booze Fighters realize this is a game and encourage a balance in all things. Meaning of course, drinking beer in real life, also not losing your job or wearing diapers so you can mess yourself in your gaming chair. Real men like beer and women, not diapers. CHEERS!

  • Game: Neverwinter MMO
  • Server: Dragon
  • Members: 5
  • Average Level: 60
  • Chat Software: Raidcall
  • Looking For: "A drinking club with an MMO problem." The Booze Fighters kill and loot. We like Beer and busting heads. No drama or whining allowed. Mature language in guild chat is encouraged. We accept all that are looking to have a good time. Raidcall Voice group available for use. Both PvE & PvP. CHEERS!


Name Class Level
Ender Devoted Cleric 60
Grimfandango Trickster Rogue 60
Gryffon Great Weapon Fighter 60
Lah Hunter Ranger (Stormwarden) 60
Nef Control Wizard 60

Class Break Down

Class Name Count % Min Avg Max
Control Wizard 1 20.0 60 60.0 60
Devoted Cleric 1 20.0 60 60.0 60
Great Weapon Fighter 1 20.0 60 60.0 60
Hunter Ranger (Stormwarden) 1 20.0 60 60.0 60
Trickster Rogue 1 20.0 60 60.0 60